Sunday, March 17, 2013

$6 Walmart Lamp Shades = big impact

I had been looking to change the sconces on our fireplace for years but never really found something I loved. Actually, I've found tons of options I loved but they were all out of my price range. So I put on my decor thinking cap and decided to try simply changing the lamp shades. Here is an image of the sconces before:

These are maybe original to the house and have a type of Spanish flare but the orange-type color or the glass lamp shades really bothered me and I just found them so dated. The sconces were originally brown but I sprayed them black years ago and I actually liked their shape and size. So I decided to try replacing the glass shades with classic and simple fabric shades. My first love was with the following lame shades from Home Depot:
And at $10.99 these were a steal! But the size wasn't right- a little too large, and the color died against the stone.

Then I found these simple but classic beauties at Walmart! What?

 Can you believe it? Walmart! And they were $6 each! Talk about not braking the bank. The best part is that they look so great with the lights turned on.

The black pattern on the bottom  is actually the part of the sconce that held the glass shade. It's not visible when the lights are turned off but BAM! What a beauty with the lights on!


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