Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Painted Vinyl Roller Shade

A few weeks age I posted about my intention to paint a plain white roller shade for the nursery and asked for your insight on which pattern to choose (see here for that post). Thank you to all how commented- much appreciated! Well, there was no clear winner so I turned to my husband and he really liked the argyle pattern. So here is the final result:

Here's a close up:

I must say that I'm super happy with the way it turned out!
In case you'd like to work on a similar project here are the instructions:

Step 1: Prep Your Shade
Completely unroll the shade on a flat surface (on the floor works perfectly). Clean the surface using a damp cloth (unless it's really dirty in which case you can use a cleaning agent such a TSP). Find the middle of your shade with a tape measure, and mark with a pencil. This should be the starting point for your pattern or stencil, and then work your way the the edges of the shade.

For the argyle design, first figure out how many rows and columns of diamonds you want- I decided on three columns and two rows. To calculate the size of each diamond divide the length of the shade by the number of columns and the height by the number of rows. 

Here is my sketch which was then transferred onto the shade.

For greater detail on how to undertake an argyle pattern check out Toni's description at Design Dazzle.

Step 2: Painting the roller shade
Once your pattern is sketched out you can begin to paint. Latex paint will work very well. I didn't tape the edges but if you worry about not being able to paint straight lines I suggest using green painters tape to mark off the edges.

In the case of the argyle design there are two layers of paint (the diamond shape and the diagonal lines) so you'll have to allow the diamond shapes to dry. For the diagonal lines I marked off the center of each white diamond and then connected them using a long level to draw the lines. I then cut out a stencil on cardboard with the desired circle center and rectangle connectors. The circle was actually traced from the end of a highlighter. The stencil was traced onto the shade and then painted.

Step 3:  Let the entire shade dry for a few days so the paint can cure. Then you just step back an marvel at your hard work and pretty roller shade.
                                               Here's a close up. The colors match the nursery fabric- see here.

This was my January impossible project. Check it out at The Space Between Blog

Thistlewood Farm

I'd love to know what you think!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

excuse this post!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Painted vinyl roller shade: which pattern??

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog invited me to join her DIY January challenge by completing the nursery. Well that's not going to happen by the end of January- no way! So I decided to complete a small component of the decor instead: the window blinds.

Years ago I purchased a plain vinyl roller shade for my bedroom. What was I thinking! Initially I thought it would keep out the light and be neutral but it was just so plain. Needless to say I never installed it, it remained in the spare bedroom closed until now.

In an effort to save some cash I've decided to pretty it up so as to be used in the nursery. The roller shade currents look like this:
BORING! I want to paint a pattern on it and here are some of the patterns I'm considering:

Which pattern is your favorite?

The colors I'll choose from are pale blue, pale green, and/or orange. Remember that the room must be gender neutral and if you'd like to see the fabric scheme click here.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunburst mirror

I've finally jumped on the sunburst mirror bandwagon. When I first saw a sunburst mirror years ago while working at the Bombay Company I wasn't sure I liked it but since then there's been a proliferation of styles, from exaggerated to more modest designs. So there's a sunburst for every taste.

Last week I was at Home Sense Versailles and saw a sunburst mirror I loved for only $80 but I decided to leave it behind. Problem- I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back three days later with my fingers and toes crossed hoping it would still be there. It was and it came home with me.

I initially wanted to hang a piece of art above my night stand but the mirror looked great. Here it is:
Because each strip has beveled edges it reflects light beautifully.

For those Montrealers looking for a sunburst mirror there were a few other styles at really affordable prices at Home Sense.

Now for some more sunburst inspiration. First, a few modest styles:

The above bone frame is so elegant. It would look great against a dark colored wall.

Now for some more exaggerated frames that make an unforgettable statement:

If you are on a budget there is a proliferation of DIY sunburst mirrors out there. The four below are my favorite:

Click on the sources for the DIY images for instructions on how to make your own sunburst mirror.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nursery fabric!

Today I went nursery fabric shopping with my mom. We first went to Fabricville but with no success. So off we went to St. Hubert street -THE street to buy fabric in Montreal. I've written about the stretch of St. Hubert street between Jean-Talon and Faillon before, but you really can find any type and pattern of fabric there. I can (and did) spend hours going from store to store!

After sifting through tons of fabric, I finally found one I loved. Here it is:
Not too babyish and not too grown up- just perfect! Problem- there was only one meter left. Not enough for drapery but enough for the bedding. So with the above in hand I found the following two fabrics for the drapery.
Simple and classic. I think it will last the test of time and best of all it's gender neutral.

And now for a punch of color in the bedding and pillows I added a bright orange. So altogether this is the fabric color scheme.

One step closer to welcoming my little munchkin:)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nursery dreams

I'm only four months pregnant but I can't stop thinking about the nursery decor. Tony and I don't want to know the sex of the baby so the room has to be gender neutral- not too big of a problem since I'm not too much of a "pink for girls and blue for boys" kind of gal.

I have some color combinations I'm currently loving. Here are some samples:

I know this image isn't a nursery but the pale blue and coral are by far my favorite color combination of the moment. It's so soft but with a little pop and, I think, perfect for a nursery.

I've noticed that I tend to gravitate towards a pale blue for the nursery but it needs to be combined with another brighter color (red, coral, green, yellow, etc.). I'll be going shopping for fabrics next week and the fabric will likely dictate which color combination I pick.

And now for some other features of the nursery. I think it needs a light fixture that when dimmed reflects light in an interesting way. So here are some examples of what I'm thinking:

I adore this oval crib. The only problem is the cost- it's $700 plus. I don't think so! My second best option is the simple Ikea crib available in pale blue or green (seen in second image above). The Ikea crib is $100- much better!

To decorate the walls I like the simple idea of letters and/or numbers. You can see it below but also in the second picture above. Simple but pretty.

On the closet door in the room I plan on creating something similar to the image below with chalk paint. It's a great way to help document precious little moments. So cute:)



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mini Office Fix Up

Our home office is one of those rooms that often gets abandoned or filled with renovation materials. We have this "close the door and forget it" attitude. This was not always the case. When I was still a grad student I worked many house from home so the room was constantly used, but now that I have an office at work I tend to only really use it during major correction time or during the summer months. Poor office:(

When we renovated our main-floor bathroom we removed the closet in the office so as to expand the bathroom and, believe it or not, it took 9-10 months before we got around to patching and painting the office. That's a long time!   

 The office also got some re-arranging since I had a very well stocked (messy) bookcase on the most visible wall from the door.

So here it was at Christmas time, all cleaned up and rearranged:

 The well stocked bookcase was moved to the opposite wall, which means it's no longer visible from the hallway.

Overall, a little bit of work for a big impact. Some of the little features I want to point out are the window treatments and light fixture.

The drapery fabric was purchased at Fabric Ville at Place Versailles for $4 a meter, so a total of $12- yes, $12. It was on liquidation and there wasn't even enough for the drapery so I had to use a different fabric on the bottom part. Luckily my mother had a matching fabric on hand and she's a seamstress so I saved there too. I'm a big fan of buying liquidation priced fabrics which are very often 60-75% off.

About the light fixture, this was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law. It was in here home when she first purchased it but it was a nasty greenish color. A can of heat resistant black spray paint transformed it from yuck to yum!
That's it for now:)
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