Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Which would you pick??? Area rug choices for our living room

There are so many area rugs I love! I just can't pick the style, pattern, or color for our living room rug. There are so many things to consider- the rug has to be able to mask baby spit up, dirty dog paws, and my husbands size 12 shoe prints!

Here are the finalists I'm considering. Which would you choose???
Radiante Hearts Beige Rug- USA rigs

Treasures Light Blue/Ivory Rog- Overstock.com

Tuscan Senele Tiles Seafoam Rug- USA rugs

Tuscon Trellis Grey Rug- USA Rugs
This rug is available at Home Sense- picture taken on my Ipod, which explains the poor quality.

Of course you'd need to know what my living room looks like before you make your choice, so here are some pictures of the space:

So all you decor lovers out there, which rug to you think would work best in my living room? any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 



  1. I love these rug choices and I think any one of them would look great in your living room. I *think* if it were me choosing, since you have a lot of small "patterns" going on in the room already (the stones on the fireplace, all the wine bottles and glasses on the back wall) I'd want to bring in a big, bold pattern to mix things up so I'd go for the tuscon gray trellis. Can't wait to see what you end up choosing- any of them will look gorgeous!

  2. You're living room seems pretty traditional. I'd stick with the tuscan trellis which would make the room feel more contemporary, or the radiant hearts or the overstock rug. I'd also get rid of the bar and liquor bottles in the living room.....that gives your room a real Las Vegas feel.

    1. LOL! The bar is used as a coffee bar and has proven to be a great gathering place when friends are over. That said, I agree that the shelves behind the bar need serious redecorating. The shelves are shallow which makes then difficult to decorate but I'll get on this soon so as to minimize the Las Vegas feel:) Thanks for the comment!

  3. This first is my very fav. Anyone else agree??

  4. I love #1 and #4. #1 would add some color into the room but #4 has the best pattern.

  5. OK since you asked, I'll give you my opinion... I love #1 and #2 the best. Both would look awesome in the space but it just depends on the mood you want. I think #1 is a little more modern and #2 is a little more traditional but adds a pop of color. I don't think the last one is right for the space, but that's just my opinion so throw it out the window if you don't want it!

  6. I'm so drawn to the first two. I like that they have more than the colors that are already in your room. The first is a little more casual, but the pop of coral in the 2nd on is awesome!! Can't wait to see what you choose...

  7. I would choose the second one. I think the room can handle some pattern and I love all of the colors in the second rug! Good luck!


  8. I love the Tuscan Trellis rug and I think the pattern will work well in that space.

  9. The 1st or 4th, I'm a sucker for a trellis rug:)

    Following you back, thanks so much for visiting me this week!



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