Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bring the outdoor in: sun-filled kitchens

If I had a beautiful view from my kitchen maybe I'd take the extra time to clean up after supper- or maybe not! But one thing is for sure, I'd enjoy sipping my coffee while staring out the window:)
Last weekend we went to a friend's new country place and the water access in the backyard made me drool. However while sitting at the kitchen table I realized that the house doesn't capitalize on the beautiful water view. There is a window above the sink that looks onto the water but the view is minimally visible from the rest of the kitchen. This got me thinking about what could be done to capitalize on the view- fellow renovation addicts will know the feeling of walking into someone's home and planning entire renovation projects for them- without them even asking!

Here are some inspirational kitchens that bring the outdoor in:

Now wipe the drool off your chin!



  1. Gorgeous photos - but that 2nd to last photo?
    Yup, I'm drooling!
    Great post!

  2. I am pretty much in love with #3! They are all gorgeous. xo

  3. I was browsing Pinterest looking for DIY/home decor blogs because I JUST started a blog this weekend and I am looking for inspiration and guidance and I happen to stumble upon your blog.... I just wanted to say that I was absolutely FLOORED when I saw the picture of your bathroom renovation in your "home tour" section... IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! You did a fantastic job!! :)


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