Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Landscaping part 3: The Reveal

As previously mentioned, we had no intention of re-doing the pavers when we first bought our home (See part 1 of landscaping). That was, of course, until it all started sinking, tilting and simply looking horrible. In an effort to save some money we decided to keep the original pavers in the front of the house. But a little change was done by adding a border of new cobblestone-like pavers along the edges.

Here is the before and after:
You can see the retaining wall tilting in the before picture and the straight wall in the after picture. Also check out the add border- I find it calms the busyness of the pavers. Also notice that the driveway on the left side of the image is paved in the original pavers. Since it did not need repairing it only made sense to keep the original pavers in the front of the house so as to not have two different patterns.

Close up. Now if only I could get the city to fix the sidewalk!

The walkway on the side of the house was changed to the new cobblestone-like pavers. This is why we added the border around the front part of the house, we wanted the two types of pavers to blend. And of course, the great part is that the slope is perfect- no water accumulation along the foundation walls.

Another change was the addition of a black iron fence. I love the way it looks!

As for the backyard, we decided to get rid of the outdoor storage shed- I sold it on Kijiji. The yard looked so much bigger without it! We wanted a place to chill and the shed just took up too much precious space.

The yard went from this:

To this. Look at all the extra space without the shed!

To this:

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  1. It is good that you provided some ‘before and after’ pictures for us to see the difference. And for me, the transformation turned out pretty good. It is good that you did some harscaping to the pavement running around the house. It helped make the outcome of your landscaping project a total success!

  2. Great to hear that you are both frugal and practical. What I mean is you didn’t sacrifice quality in an attempt to save money. Nice! ;) Cobblestone is very durable. And I really like its ‘old world’ look. Definitely not a reduction from your home’s value and charm!

  3. I like those two big flower pots by your walkway. It serves as an adorable attraction outside your house. Your yard also looks just as inviting. It’s really a great place to relax and unwind. With the mini pool and resting chairs that you have… you will surely enjoy being there! :D


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