Friday, April 13, 2012

Loving red-brick pavers

I've been infatuated with red brick pavers for years now. I find them timeless and beautiful.

I'm in the process of planning my landscaping project in my backyard and I'm obviously thinking of having red-brick pavers installed, especially since the exterior side and back wall of my house has red brick.

The contractor we've hired has suggested cobblestone-style looking pavers that are also very attractive but I just keep thinking about the red brick style.

Here is an image of the cobblestone-style pavers suggested by the contractor:

Here are some images of the brick paver style I keep dreaming about:

The bricks in the above image are a great color- nice and red with a little bit of gray which would match the pavers in the front of my house.

Brick pavers can be used to create a variety of patterns. Here are a few ideas:

The herringbone pattern is my absolute favorite and I love the way the edges are done in the following image:

Another possibility is the following pattern which involves fewer cuts, pavers and less time, therefore less $$$.

Decisions, decisions! Which pavers do you think I should pick: brick or cobblestone?



  1. I'm partial to cobblestone, but you should do what you like! Thank you so much for your comment about my kitchen rug....I'm so grateful for all the thoughts and advice!

  2. Keep on posting these types of articles. I like your blog design as well. Cheers!!!
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