Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Forgotten Fifth Wall

I've been away from blogging for a while now-apologies! As was the case in the fall between my job, DIYing and the pregnancy, I'm simply too tired to blog in the evening:(

But today I'm blogging and happy to be back.

Here we go:
Do you paint your ceilings a color other than white? I never paint my ceiling white but not to far from white either. I usually pick the lightest color on the paint strip of the color on the walls. I find that by doing this the wall and ceiling color compliment each other well and there's a smooth transitions between the two. This is obviously by no means a creative use of the ceiling- the fifth wall. In thinking about the nursery, I was actually thinking of painting the ceiling in a real color, not a version of white. One thing that worried me was that the color on the ceiling would make the room feel closed in, as if the ceiling height was shorter that it actually is. So in the end I didn't paint the nursery ceiling a real color but I will be painting the ceiling of my laundry room a real color.

In any case, here are some images I've been pinning for a while that serve as potential inspiration:

And to get really funky, how about some pattern on that fifth wall?

What do you think about color and pattern on the ceiling?

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