Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mini Office Fix Up

Our home office is one of those rooms that often gets abandoned or filled with renovation materials. We have this "close the door and forget it" attitude. This was not always the case. When I was still a grad student I worked many house from home so the room was constantly used, but now that I have an office at work I tend to only really use it during major correction time or during the summer months. Poor office:(

When we renovated our main-floor bathroom we removed the closet in the office so as to expand the bathroom and, believe it or not, it took 9-10 months before we got around to patching and painting the office. That's a long time!   

 The office also got some re-arranging since I had a very well stocked (messy) bookcase on the most visible wall from the door.

So here it was at Christmas time, all cleaned up and rearranged:

 The well stocked bookcase was moved to the opposite wall, which means it's no longer visible from the hallway.

Overall, a little bit of work for a big impact. Some of the little features I want to point out are the window treatments and light fixture.

The drapery fabric was purchased at Fabric Ville at Place Versailles for $4 a meter, so a total of $12- yes, $12. It was on liquidation and there wasn't even enough for the drapery so I had to use a different fabric on the bottom part. Luckily my mother had a matching fabric on hand and she's a seamstress so I saved there too. I'm a big fan of buying liquidation priced fabrics which are very often 60-75% off.

About the light fixture, this was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law. It was in here home when she first purchased it but it was a nasty greenish color. A can of heat resistant black spray paint transformed it from yuck to yum!
That's it for now:)

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