Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

In November I mentioned that every year I purchase a few ornaments to add to my collection. I've been collecting for years now and some are from as far away as Vienna and Prague. I actually brought a large empty backpack with me on my honeymoon to Eastern Europe hoping to bring it back filled with ornaments. Many Eastern European countries are well known for their artistically decorated ornaments and they are so much cheaper than in North America. The backpack was not empty for long:)

In any case, here is this year's tree:

Here are some close-ups:

When I initially started collecting ornaments I wanted to stick to a few colors (red, gold, white) and a specific theme (traditional). However, when I started buying ornaments with my husband he picked ornaments that were completely opposite of my traditional theme- green, blue, purple! In an effort to include him in the tradition, I gave in. I'm happy I did because I actually love the complete mix of colors, shapes, and style. The only thing the ornaments have in common is that they are pretty. The mix is what makes it exciting and built over time. So women, sometimes our hubbies are right!


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