Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY chritsmas decor ideas: bubble wrap and clothesline wire

Last weekend I was in Quebec city (such as beautiful city- I always forget just how beautiful it really is) and I saw these two simply ingenious holiday decorating ideas.

1. The magic of bubble wrap:
In the above image the trees are created using transparent bubble wrap (with the large bubbles).

In this image they used bubble wrap with a silver color to it. It also seems as if this bubble wrap is stiff compared to the one used in the previous image. The best part is actually the flowers above the trees. Each is pierced through a light and must be so pretty at night all lit up.

2. Clothesline wire, yes, that's right!

I saw these in the fancy Chateau Frontenac hotel. I kid you not, these pretty decorations are made using clothesline wire. Grant it there is a lot of wire here, but all knotted, hanging in this fashion, and accompanied by some decorative items (the stars and crystals) it simply looks great!
I think this would make great outdoor decorations- especially using green-colored wire.



  1. Wow! Impressive ideas! My favorite is the unpainted bubble wrap trees. This is so clever.


  2. cool! the bubble wrap almost has a lacy effect.

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