Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heritage home favorites

I promised I'd let you know which of the heritage homes presented in yesterday's post were my favorites.
So here they are:

20, av. Maplewood
 MLS 8472772

This property was by far the most impressive simply because of its grand stature and many original features. Beautiful stained glass and wood work. I can just image myself blogging in a comfy lounge chair on that beautiful porch. But of course, at that price, I'll have to keep dreaming. Oh well:)

 These images are from the above property. You can clearly see the stained glass and wood work. Isn't this fabulous?

3, chemin de la Côte-St-Antoine
MLS®  8602425
My next favorite was is townhouse. The pictures really don't do it any justice! The house is really attractive and imposing: tall ceilings, large rooms, classy renovations, and a stunning backyard without any back neighbors- just a view of a lovely tree-lined street. The price was reduced to $999,000 which is obviously a lot of cash but for the neighborhood (one of the most prestigious in the country), size and quality, it really is a great buy.   
 This is the kitchen in the above home. Again, the picture doesn't do it justice- at all! In person it has a great Tuscan charm to it.

Have a great week! favorits

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