Sunday, October 2, 2011

The fire is 'a burning!

The last day of September here in Montreal was beautifully sunny and warm. The first day of October was frigid and raining! What is that? Such a huge difference in temperature! So while I was wearing sandals and a tank top on Friday, by Sunday our fireplace was lit!

Here are some pics:

You can see that Churchill loves the warmth of a good fire.
Sorry about the crappy pics! My camera isn't working so these are from my ipod.


  1. Very cozy! Your boxer is so cute.

  2. Such a pretty fireplace! I loved the idea you gave me in the comment you left yesterday about the switch plates- I'm so going to do that in the next house we own! Even if it's brand new, I'm going to hunt down pretty old switch plates and then replace the ugly plastic ones with those. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Can you say insanely jealous??? We haven't even got into the 70's yet! I can't wait to light up the fires!!! And hot chocolate...gotta have hot chocolate! (c:

  4. Churchill looks so adorable in there,

    having a real relaxing time. Anyway, who does not enjoy a good fire?

    I'd love a hot choco and a good book with that fireplace.

  5. I cant cope with this sudden change I was caught out with a bright sunshine morning & went to work in sandles & a dress by the time I came home it was cold damp & miserable & i now have a cold boo who...thank goodness my holiday is in 2 weeks time (sunshine here I come)
    love the fireplace! x


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