Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WANTED: floor mirror with arched top

I love the victorian-y look of our entryway but it needs to be decorated. I purchased a little bench and an umbrella stand. But I want something grand. A few months ago I posted about some ideas for this entryway but the blue paint I initially though of turned out yukky- very yukky. I have busy floor tiles in this space (and, as many of you know, throughout my main floor) and although the tile has some blue in it, blue paint on the walls really clashes with the floor. So ivory colored walls will stay- at least for now.

Until recently I only thought of decorating the painted portion of the wall but recently thought to myself- Hey, why not just place a mirror over the paneling? Hello! So for a grand statement I'm thinking a floor mirror. I spent 30 minutes (ok, maybe 45) pondering, staring and gazing at one at Home Sense. The price and size were great but the shape wasn't. The entry way has so many straight lines that I think I need some curves in there.  
You can see all the straight lines. I know light colored paneling is very popular right now but I actually like my dark wood. It just needs to be toned down. A large floor mirror may work well in place of the frame. This frame would look so much better in my bedroom rather than here where glare makes it difficult to see the image.

So now these are some of the inspirational mirrors I've seen online:

This one is just perfect! I love the light aged color of the frame, the size, the shape and decorative relief at the top. It's just enough without being over the top.

This one is pretty but not tall enough. But I do like all the beveled edges on the mirror.

Maybe a little to simple?

Over the top- definitely over the top! I love it but not for my entry way. Hmmm? now where could I possible put this mirror?

 Similar to the second mirror. All the beveled edges are pretty, the shape is also great.

Problem- they are all too expensive for my budget. Why do I have to have a shopping budget????

So with these inspirational images in mind, I've been on the hunt (more like prowl) for an affordable curve mirror.

Fingers crossed I'll find one soon:)


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