Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer finds: chest of drawers and mirror

I'd been searching for a chest of drawers for my living room for some time and finally found one I liked on Kijiji. The chest was being sold by a dealer at the Faubourg Des Antiquités - 15739 de la Caserne, Sainte-Genvieve. The Faubourg is an indoor flea market with a good number of interesting furniture pieces- I do recommend it.

Here's the chest:

and a close up:

Check out the tiger-y wood... grrrrr! 

 I love the way it looks in the room. It has such presence. Much better than before when I only had a tiny end table that was barely visible between the two couches as in the image below.

I hesitated to buy it because under the bright florescent lights at the market it looked really damaged and scratched. But once I cleaned it with some Orange Glow and got it into my living room it looked so rich and the scratches are barely noticeable. Don't underestimate the power of Orange Glow!


Some things to keep in mind when buying old furniture:

1. Make sure the piece is solid, meaning the legs are strong.

2. Open and close the drawers to make sure they open and close properly.

3. Check that the wood hasn't been eaten away by bugs- you don't want to bring extra friends into your home. The best way to look for this is by taking out the drawers and examining the interior of both the drawers and the furniture piece itself.

In my case, the chest passed the test so it came home with me.


Initially I wanted a painted chest and looked into getting a really damaged piece that I could paint. The inspiration for a painted piece came after I saw this chest by Miss Mustard Seed. I was obsessed with it all summer- love it! There is also this huge trend in blog land with chalk paint furniture and so many of them are just beautiful. But I must admit that as much as I want to be a painted furniture girl, I kept being drawn back to wood.  



Also, the chest came with a mirror that I didn't want (tried to negotiate the chest without the mirror- didn't work) but then discovered that it looks great on my fireplace mantel. I like the curved top part against all the straight lines of the fireplace. So it all worked out in the end.

I paid $200 for both pieces. Not a steal but not too bad either.

Have a restful Labor Day,



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  1. Aaaahhh, what a STUNNING piece...I wouldn't have painted it either, and who CARES what you paid for it as long as it's staying with you! You sure wouldn't find anything NEAR that quality to take its place for that price! WOOT to YOU!!

    Deborah (happily visiting from

  2. I love it! The colour is beautiful but I especially love the thin long legs - they make it look so elegant!

  3. Great tips. I forget about unwanted bugs, I will keep eye :)!

  4. The chest is gorgeous, and looks great in your room. I'm a sucker for anything with legs. And paying only $200 for a beauty like that is definitely a good deal!


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