Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stunning English Country Estate Style Home

Today was a beautiful Saturday morning. It may be fall but the weather was so beautiful- not too hot, not yet cold, just perfect. So Tony and I ate breakfast on our front porch, sipped our coffee and read the Saturday Gazette. My favorite section is obviously the house section called Homefront. Today's house feature was this stunning English country estate style home located in the village of Knowlton, an hour southeast of Montreal. The Gazette writer describes the town as "famous for their eye-popping scenery and a friendly country atmosphere that can suck the stress right out of the visitor." The house was built in 2002 but doesn't at all appear new. It looks like a historic old home. 

Here are some images:

By now I think you all know that I love wood and this house has plenty of wood! It also has those great large character-filled fireplaces! Now I do have to say that I find the rooms just too large for my taste but this opinion might also be influenced by the price. Yes, this house is on the market and the asking price is a $8, 890, 000!!!! Get some more English country estate inspiration by viewing other images at the listing site here.
Read the Gazette article here.
Enjoy your weekend:)



  1. This home would make a great B&B.

  2. A B&B is a great idea! Especially in that pretty little town.

  3. 9 mil? Is that *all*??? Do they take Amex? (c: So absolutely gorgeous...and eye-popping scenery is right! That is one stunning abode...I wonder if they would let me move in if I promised to pay them after? hehehe...

  4. Oh my...that kitchen is to die for! What an amazing house.

    Best wishes,


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