Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our wine cellar: part 3 and reveal

Our wine cellar is a huge source of pride in our home. We love it!
 We didn't have air conditioning in our home for two years but we had a cooling unit for the wine cellar. I know, our priorities are all messed up! At least we had lots of cool  wine to dink away those hot summer days:)

Here is it is- our cellar:

We are currently running low-ish on wine since we restock in fall/winter during wine making season.
We painted the walls a light buttery color, installed wooden crown moldings stained walnut, and the wine racks were also stained walnut. Yes, we stained and assembled all these wine racks- it took forever!!! The wine racks were purchased at Aux Plaisirs du Bacchus on Bernard Avenue in Montreal.
You can also see the end result of the travertine floor. It's just the right look for a wine cellar.

We use an old wine barrel to decorate a corner of the room and we got some wooden wine boxes from our local liquor store to hide some wine making supplies. Tip: In Montreal if you ask your local S.A.Q. for some wooden boxes they'll give them to you for a small donation.

 We have a small bistro table in the room, mainly for good looks. We don't actually drink in the room because it's cold in there (10-12 degrees celsius). 

View from the wine room into the living room. We installed an exterior grade cedar wood door. Ideally, the wine should be in a dark room and the door shouldn't have glass. But I wanted to be able to see into the wine room from the living room so we decided on this door. The room is large enough that the light that flows in doesn't disturb the wine

View into the wine room from the living room. Love it!

The light fixture was purchased at Home Depot and it's the right size. color, a style for the room. Just to add some pizazz we also installed a decorative medallion.

I think it's now clear to everyone that I love my wine. Every year since we've been married Tony and I have made wine, about 200-250 bottles each year. We also like to buy some inexpensive bottles and of course we love it when our friends bring us gifts of wine bottles- hint, hint! LOL- just kidding:)


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  1. It's beautiful! And wow, all that wine...

  2. This wonderful post totally contributed to the blog party's success! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  3.! I love me some wine...I need a wine cellar!! Ohhhh hubbbyyyy!! ;)


  4. Holy Moly! That is so detailed! How long did it take to build?

  5. It actually only took us one day to stain and put together all the wine racks. Although it was a full 16 hour adrenaline filled day. We were so excited to get them installed.

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I featured your amazing wine cellar. Thanks so much for linking up!

  7. Such a cool wine cellar! Love the light! My husband would die for this!

  8. Just gorgeous! What an amzing transformation. I love that it can be seen through the glass door of your living room.


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