Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Wine Cellar: part 2

My last post about our wine cellar mainly dealt with the construction and all the other necessary, but not so pretty, stuff. So today we'll begin to talk about the pretty.

But first, more of the necessary stuff:
 The walls went up. Because of the high humidity, it's necessary to use green humidity proof drywall.

 Then we planned the layout of the travertine tile floor.
 A water tile saw was used to cut all the travertine. You'll need a water saw to cut any natural stone tile.

And then we got to work installing all that tile.

Now, before I actually reveal the end result, I'll show you some of the inspirational images we looked at when building the room. You'll notice from our above construction images that we tried to mimic the light colored floors and wall colors in the following images:

Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

Check back tomorrow for the reveal!!



  1. You're such a tease! Cant wait to see how you finished it.

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