Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Wine Cellar: part 1

When we purchased our house one of the first things that had to be done was the balcony off the kitchen. It was small, old, unstable, and dangerous. We knew we wanted to build a large balcony off the kitchen (about 14x11 feet) and got to work getting some quotes. The quotes for a fiberglass or concrete balcony were all so expensive! So we then decided to see how much it would cost to build an extra room in the basement that would double as the balcony off the main-floor kitchen. The price difference wasn't significant so we went with option 2 and turned the extra room into a wine cellar. My husband loves to make and collect wine bottles and I love to drink them!:)

Here are some pictures of the construction process. Needless to say, this part we did not do ourselves! 

This is the dug up space for the wine room.

The pouring of the cement.

Once the room was built, Tony and I framed the wall with 2x4s. On the right side of the image you can see the door opening into our house. This used to be the window opening before the building of the cellar.

The room was then insulated with urethane spray foam. The walls were sprayed with 2 inches and the ceiling with 3 inches. A wine room has to be very well insulated to keep the temperature and humidity stable. The benefit of urethane is that it expands into every nook and cranny and provides a thermal break.

Another image of the insulation- it looks like the background of a high fashion photo shoot- lol!

Tony and I had to then scrape the urethane off the edges of the wood so as to install the drywall (very long and frustrating!). A good company should do this for you since it is much easier to do right after the insulation is sprayed. Oh well, live and learn. On the left side of the image you can see the door to the exterior. Because wine is sensitive to light and temperature change a solid insulated door is best, especially if the door leads to the outside.

We purchased a Breezeaire cooling unit specifically made for wine rooms. Esthetically, it's actually dated looking and unattractive but one of the best we could get and luckily it's off in a corner of the room. The reason for a cooling unit specifically made for wine rooms as opposed to a simple air condition is that the cooling unit controls both the humidity and temperature of the room that is adequate for wine.

We ordered it from Rosehill Wine Cellar online and the service was great.

If you are interested in the many little necessary details in the creation of a wine room see the following information sites:
Bracksco Wine Nook
Wine Cellar Creations
Maitre de cave
Vintage Cellars

Later in the week I'll post about the pretty part of the process- flooring, wine racks, paint color, etc. Check back soon.

Now let me get back to my glass of red wine:)


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  1. Nancy, you blow my mind! Your wine cellar sounds so awesome.


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