Monday, August 1, 2011

Making do: dining room dilemas

During the past few weeks I've been blogging about room renovations. This week I'll blog about making do with what you have. My making do involves the dining room. More specifically the FLOORS- the damn floors!!

These are the tiles I'm trying to make do with.

When we bought the house, removing the 1970s tiled floor in the entrance and dining room was a top priority. Somehow we ended up doing just about everything except this. The reason we never tackled this project is because it's actually a much larger and more complicated reno than it appears.

Here is what this reno entails:
1. The tile needs to be removed and wood installed.
2. The doors into the rooms (located in the a large open entrance hall) need to be changed because the tiles are one inch thick and the doors were cut to fit.
3. We want to open up a wall in the entrance hall that closes off the staircase into the basement.
4. We want to install the same cherry wood as in the basement but the bedrooms are a natural birch so they would need to be stained to match.

Basically, it's not just floors- it's the entire mainfloor! This means big $$$$!

So Tony and I decided we would live with the floors for a while.
A few weeks ago I read the following statement in a home decor magazine (can't remember which one-sorry)

"If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it,
Change the way you feel about it."

So I'm trying- desperately- to change the way a feel about the floor. This is difficult because there's sooo much of it! It's in the vestibule, the entrance hall and the dining room.

The house originally had birch wood floor- yes, someone tiled over wood floors!!! What is going on in this world! No use in crying- done that but nothing changed.

Here is the dining room:
It's totally bland, bland, bland.

We really haven't done anything in this room. I kind of plopped things in there when we moved in and didn't think about it because I expected to renovate.

Last week, was 4 years since we bought the house and I decided to tackle the decor of the dining room.

Here are some of my plans:
1. an area rug under the table (to tame the floors)
2. art on the walls
3. a wing-back chair at either end of the table
4. decorate the buffet
5. Trim work on the walls

I think I have to stick to a light natural color pallet because of the floor. I tried to pull out the blue but this flopped so I'm thinking of greens. I'll keep you updated as we experiment.

I'd love any other suggestions.



  1. Decorating the walls and the buffet will draw the eye away from the floor. It's still a pretty room overall. Funny how time gets away with these projects- we've looked at a mantel and fireplace that hubby hates for 4 1/2 years now.

  2. Have you thought about painting the tile? If you are going to replace it someday anyway, the risk is minimal. Annie Sloan's paint is supposed to stick to anything. Also, I think they make primer and paint for tile. I'd switch to a shoeless house if you do it! Good luck,

  3. Or, what if you made a Mary McDonald-esque floor by just painting black over the flowers, like black boxes on the white tile....

  4. A color of pop on a table runner would draw the eye away from the floors. The room has tremendous potential. It is definitely going to b fab. Keep us posted.

  5. You have an AWESOME dining room!! Anything can be used because it's nice an neutral.
    I have been wandering around your blog for awhile and now I am your newest follower...cannot wait to see what you do with this wonderful room!!
    Come visit me~~



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