Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help a friend out: living room

On Monday I introduced you to a good friend Lena who asked me to help her out with some decorating ideas for her dining room, living room and bedroom.
You can check out the suggestions for her dining room here, and today we'll be looking at her living room.
Here is an image of how the space currently looks:

There are a ton of great features in this room: the window lets in a lot of light and is nicely situated, I like the light paint color, the crown molding and the wood floor. Lena mentioned that she wanted to get rid of the brown drapery and I think she is on the right track.

Suggestions: I'd like to see a brighter color, yet still light, used for the drapery. I am thinking in the blueish or greenish tone. I think a solid color would work best since the drapery cut off from view by the couch.

Here are some inspiration images. You'll notice that the paint or furniture colors are reminiscent of what Lena have in her space:

Once you've selected your drapery color, you'll need some brighter colored decorative pillows for your couch. You already have the pillows so simply buying some pillow covers will do the trick. The pillows are where you can have fun with pattern and color.

Some suggestions:

Available at Iconic pillow on Etsy shop
Available at Pillow top and More Etsy shop
Available at theTurquoise Iris Etsy Shop

Also, you have those two pictures on the wall of the fireplace but I'd prefer to see them on the right side of the window and you can even add another two pictures to make a large square of four pictures. I'm sure you could easily find pictures of your baby boy to display:)

Where you currently have the two pictures I think you can go with a collection of small round mirrors.

Here is an example of what I am thinking:

The store Zone on St. Denis boul. has some great looking small round silver framed mirrors that would work well in your space.

Now for the fireplace:
Lena mentioned she thinks her fireplace looks unfinished and I kind of agree with her.

Here are some inspiration images for a fireplace surround:

Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

These two above images are simple and sleek. The following is a little more classic.

You can find some ready made fireplace surrounds at any local hardware store. I also believe that Langevin Forest has some options. Otherwise, if you have a handy person in your entourage, a beautiful surround can be created by simply buying the moldings and cutting them to size.

Another concern Lena had was about her shelving unit in the corner of the room.

The shelf is dark and I think lining the back of the shelves with some decorative paper or painting it the same color as your walls or one of the colors in the fabric for your decorative pillows would really brighten it up. Also, collect the books together into larger piles and then place a decorative light-colored item on the other side. Another idea would be to purchase some pretty decorative baskets and then collect your books into the baskets in the shelf. This would create a sense of uniformity and is simpler than trying to make a shelf appear neat. The collection of vases is very pretty!

Hope this helps!

Lena and I would love to here your comments and suggestions.


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