Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dining room sprucing up: wing back chairs

I've been searching for wing-back chairs for the dinning room. Because of the busy floor tile I want to keep the color neutral. Here are some of the one's I've pinned.

I love the shape of these chairs as well as the carved detail on the legs. But at $4600 I can only dream! Seen on passing open windows

Lands' End Country Luxe Upholstered Wingback Chair - Mahogany Finis.  I find it has a kind of quiet elegance about it, but maybe too quiet. At $252 it's not too bad but still more than I want to pay. 

Martine Upholstered Armchair at Restauration Hardware. Cost $319. I like the linen fabric and the tufted back but I find the legs too simple (the legs are available in a  darker finish)

Sanctuary Wing back chair Hooker Furniture. Price unknown. I really like the script fabric but again the legs are too simple.

I've been searching craigslist, etsy, kijiji for previously loved chairs and here is what I'm eying

These two lovely ladies are $50 each. I'll have to reupholster them but that's fine by me. Problem: I've left two messages in the past 3 days but the seller hasn't yet contacted me:( We'll see what happens.



  1. very cool. love the ideas. great images. can't wait to see what happens. i'll be back...new follower!

  2. I also have been looking for a pair of chairs for the sitting area in my bedroom... I have not been able to find what I want in my price range either.

  3. JC Penney always has wing back chairs for a good price. They are not the BEST but they are nice. I have had some for years and they hold up well. A pair with an foot stool in the range of 350 new?


    ps and you can always find a coupon and they offer free shipping occasionally


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