Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dining room sprucing up: area rug

I've received many helpful comments about how to distract from my dining room's busy floor tile: wall art, a colored table runner, etc. will all help bring the eye up as opposed to focusing down on the floor- great tips!  But I do believe I need to neutralize the floor so that it's not competing with the all the decorative element. So I'll be laying an area rug. I've been searching for a while but haven't purchase one for 2 reasons: 1. the rug ideally has to be 10'x14' to fit the table and chairs and 2. the cost of a large rug is through the roof!!!!! It's the cost of redoing my floor!!

Here are some of the rugs I've loved at:

Peacock Outdoor Rug  7'10"x 11'  $329 I think the green will work well some of the colors I'm using in the decor and also blend in with the floor tile which has a lot of green. It's got a decorative touch but most of it is still neutral. Problem:  it's not made in 10'x14'.

Calvin Klien linen flower 5'3"x7'5" $659. Again, I like the fact that it's neutral but it has some texture and interest. Problem: size and price.

                     Trapeze Rug, 9'6"x13'6" $2, 499.00. Pretty color and pattern and the size works but the PRICE is huge! 

Gold Chenille Sisal Area Rug 8'x10' $449. Again, neutral. Could work if I go with a kind of French country look with some burlap, etc. But the size and price are wrong.

So what's a thrifty DIYer to do? Well, I've decided to make an area rug. This might be a total flop but it might also work wonderfully. Fingers crossed:)
I purchased 8 meters of what seems to be a thick linen and will sew the edges and add trim to make a rug (the fabric looks pink in the image but it's not at all pink- I'll try to post better pictures next time). I don't want it to look as of a piece of fabric was thrown on the floor so I'll have to add a backing to make it thicker. In any case, it seems as if our dog Churchill is loving it already. 

Update on wing-back chairs: I'm still waiting for a reply from the seller of the two wing-back chairs I posted here. I found one in the Montreal area that is exactly the same, but it's only one- should I buy it and cross my fingers that I'll some day soon find a twin. Or do I hold out and wait for two identical chairs to appear? My dilemma is that I like the thin wings and straight back of these chairs and the others I've seen tend to be chunky.

Any suggestions???

Enjoy the day!


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