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Shopping tips in Montreal

A good friend, who just embarked on a renovation project, asked me to blog about the hot shopping spots in Montreal. There are tones of great stores in the Montreal area and I do not claim to have all the answers but this is a list of some stores I've often used and feel provided a great service at reasonable prices.

Tile: Eco-Depot and Mondial
 Eco-Depot in Laval has a vast selection at very reasonable prices.

Mondial doesn't have as vast a selection but they often have specials and what they do have tends to be stylish and affordable.

Wood: Langevin & Forest and Boiserie CT
If you are looking for butcher block, trim, moldings, rustic looking wood to make furniture, or tools for woodworking Langevin Forest is the place to go. They have amazing stuff! Anything wood related you'll find there.

Boiserie CT has a much more limited selection of wood products but they do have lots of wood moldings and anything related to stairs (treads, balusters, etc.) and at very good prices.

Wood Floors: Montreal Parquetry
Oh, this place has such a vast selection of wood flooring- you'll be floored:) If you're restoring an older home and are looking to match the original floors, you'll likely find it here. This is also a great place to find a show-stopper floor.

I love the look of herringbone wood floors.
Furniture/accessories: Linton Furniture, Home Sense, Bouclair
Linton Furniture is fantastic!!! They have a small showroom so the way it works is that you look through catalogs of various furniture companies and place your order. The prices are on average 30%-50% less expensive than other furniture stores. If you have a problem with not being able to see what you are ordering you can always note the company and item name and then email the company asking which stores have the item on display. You can then go see the item and compare the price.

We purchased our bedroom set, dinning room set and our bar from Linton. We went to see the dinning room and bedroom sets at Philippe Dagenais and -no joke- they were 40%-50% cheaper at Linton! Also, their delivery service was included in the price, and they assembled the furniture and arranged it how I wanted. Some other companies charge for delivery, charge for assembling, and even charge to bring the furniture to the desired location- crazy!

As for Home Sense, it can solve just about all your decorating needs. Tones of great stuff at fantastic prices. Ex: I just bought a wooden domino set at Bombay Company on special for $17 instead of $30 and then saw the same one at Home Sense for $9. I think they receive their new stock every Wednesday, so Thursday ia a good day to shop there- all the shelves are replenished. At the start of the week the stores tend to be a little empty.

Bouclair Maison has tones of decoration accessories at great prices. Also, if you're looking for wood blinds they often have 50% specials. Definitely worth a look.

Antiques: Finnegan's Market
An open-air market located in Hudson, just off the island of Montreal. It's a collection of local artisans and antique stores all in one spot. The prices are much more reasonable than many of Montreal's antique stores. Warning- you'll likely spend lots of time there so bring something to drink and a snack. Also, once your finished at the market I suggest you head into the center of Hudson- a beautiful old town- to grab a bit to eat. It's a nice full-day activity. * It only takes place on Saturdays from May to October.

Home improvement stores: Home Depot and BMR
Hone Depot has great light fixtures and tiles at affordable prices. I find their stuff more stylish than other home improvement stores.
For general home improvement stuff- gyp, caulking, paint, etc- BMR tends to be less expensive.

Stone (counters, tile and window sills): da Vinci Stone World
I haven't bought stone counters but I did buy stone window sills from da Vinci and their prices and service were great. They sell stone counters and tiles as well so it may be worth a look.

Textiles: Rue St. Hubert between Jean- Talon and Fiallon. 
This is where you'll find the largest concentration of fabric stores in Montreal. You'll also find tones of stores with textile related products (buttons, lace, ribbons, etc.). In most cases the prices are phenomenal. One of the most popular stores in C& M textiles but I strongly suggest you check out the smaller stores along the street. They have much to offer. 
Warning: you'll likely spend hours here going from one store to the next, so plan accordingly! 

Organization accessories: Can't beat Ikea

Bathroom and Kitchen: Bain depot

Bain Depot has some great bathroom and kitchen items (faucets, sinks, tubs, etc.) at really great prices. They have tones of selection for faucets and you can't beat their prices. 

Those are my main suggestions. Please feel free to add comments with your suggestions. This list is by no means exhaustive! They are just some spots I would recommend to a friend.

* I'm not getting any financial compensation from any of the above mentioned places.

Happy shopping!


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  1. I have been dreaming of a trip to Montreal and definitely add Finnegan's Market to my places to see when I finally get there! Thanks for the great info.


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