Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty door chimes

I often find that the weirdest things bother me and door chimes bother me. They are often, how can I say this politely, um...unattractive. When I first moved into our house I got rid of the yellowish plastic covers of my two door chimes (one upstairs and one downstairs). For the upstairs I purchased a fancy decorative door chime at a light fixture store for a hefty price (I don't remember the exact price but I know it wasn't cheep).
Pretty but pricey.

As a result, I held out on buying one for my downstairs which means that I've had to look at this for the past three years:
Not very pretty!

So I've been thinking long and hard about what I can use instead of the regular door chime- this hasn't been easy. I thought of a small shallow wicker basket but couldn't find one that wouldn't actually look like a wicker basket hanging on its side.

And then one day, June 30, 2011 to be exact, I found it!

I was shopping on Mount-Royal avenue entered a store I've often been in before called L'Original International. The store imports tones of really great hand-made objects from around the world. Hanging in the corner of the store was a square shaped terracotta wall lantern from Tunisia. The size is perfect, the color is perfect, the price is perfect ($25), the look is perfect- it makes a perfect door chime!

Here are some images of the wall lantern:

You can see the candle holder at the base. I don't know that I would want a candle burning so close to the walls. Would you?

Here is what it looks like as the door chime:

I love it!

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  1. Great outdoor area! Perfect for a summer bbq :)


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