Sunday, July 3, 2011

Musical instruments- all are stunning!

The Montreal Jazz Festival is wrapping up tomorrow, July 4, and I must say that I will miss the fabulous outdoor concerts. I've attended so many this year- been dragging my husband downtown on an almost daily basis. He says I need meds to calm me down- too much energy!

In any case, I've fallen in love with the look of instruments. Have any of you every noticed how beautiful they all are? Guitar, saxaphone, trumpet, tamborine, etc- all are stunning!

This got me thinking about displaying them as art. I love the idea of displaying anything beautiful and non-traditional. I think instruments fut this category.

I do not own any instruments (my father was musically gifted but I have not inherited one ounce of musical talent. I spent two years in junior high learning to play "Hey Jude" on the keyboard with no success). But if you own an instrument my suggestion is to display it. If you own many, why not have a wall filled with istruments?

Here are some images I found:
Mandolins hung on wall.If you are hanging wooden instruments that you want to conserve in good condition you may want to check the humidity required in your home so as to not damage the wood.  

Instruments hung on wall This is my favorite image. I love the collection of little instruments above the armoire.

Music wall
Instruments hung in a restaurant

 Or, you can also try using instruments as centerpieces. They are certainly beautiful enough:

Instruments as centerpieces

I've seen some previously loved instruments that need repair work on ebay and kijiji for reasonable prices (well under $100). This can allow you to achieve one of the above looks for the price you'd pay for a unique artwork elsewhere.

In you have any instruments on display, please send me your pictures and I'll post them for others to enjoy.
Enjoy the music!


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