Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coud de coeurs of the week

I've decided to start a weekly posting called coud de coeurs of the week which will showcase blog posts that made my jaw drop over the past week. There are amazingly creative people out there and this is my small attempt to share my late night findings with others. Enjoy!

Coud de coeurs:

1. Entry Drama at My Notting Hill:

2. This cabin featured in Design Chic:
The Life of Polarn Per.

3. My DIY coud de coeur for the week is this paint stick pendent light from Enjoying the simple things. I first saw this on DIY Showoff.  My jaw dropped when I saw how great paint sticks could look- the creativity is phenomenal! Click the two above links for instructions on creating this DIY project.

Isn't this fantastic???



  1. Thanks for including us in your new post "coud de coeurs"- we are thrilled!!

  2. #1 is friggin gorgeous!!!

    Lena xoxo

  3. Thanks for featuring my paint stick pendant light! You are awesome and I love your blog! The other features are great too.



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