Friday, July 29, 2011

Coffee Bar

Hello, I'm Nancy- you're barista. Cappuccino?

Yesterday I revealed the living room renovation. In our living room we have a coffee bar and I'd like to share more about this space and it's transformation. So join me on a tour.

A little reminder-our bar looked like this:

 and then like this:

and now like this:

A few close ups behind the scenes:
The bar is from the Hooker Furniture collection

We built this section to accommodate a sink,a refrigerator and to add some storage. That's our cat Fonzi waiting for his milk.

We removed the fake brick and mirrors in the original shelving and lined the entire enclave with maple veneered wood. We the framed it out with moldings. We stained the entire enclave a similar color as our cherry wood floors. I initially intended to line it with drywall and paint it the same color as the wall but my husband really liked the wood look, so I gave in. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Check back tomorrow and I'll let you in on our coffee secrets: how to make a perfect cappuccino as well as a few creative twists on your morning coffee.



  1. This is fabulous! I am so jealous! New follower! Come visit me and can you make a beverage too? ;)

  2. WOW! You guys did an awesome job!

  3. Love this!!!! Every piece of your house that you guys have transformed is just gorgeous!

  4. When can I come over? It looks great. You two have amazing vision to look at the before and come up with the after. Well done!

  5. My 2 favourites coffee + bacardi rum in one place! What more could a girl ask for :) I love bars built into houses you've done a great job at modernising the space. I'll have to make do with my wine buffet for now as not much room in this house for my very own bar .... But one day!

  6. literally, i said out loud "oh, yikes" when i saw your before with those arches. who does that? what a great transformation! well done!

  7. WOW, great transformation and update!!! Hard to believe now that those old bars were cool at the time, smile. This is a wonderful coffee bar. Hot chocolate, too? Iced coffee, too, please. Good for you!

  8. Great improvement! Enjoy that new space!

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