Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Pretty Bathroom Features

  Now that my bathroom has been featured on Remodelaholic and Inside-Out Design- it's famous!! 
Just kidding:)
I've received a lot of questions about the decorative items and paint colors. So I've decided to write this post about the finishing touches- the pretty stuff.

1: The art.
This is leftover Piero Fornesseti wallpaper from our walk-in closet. It was very pricey so I wanted to be sure to make use of every last piece. I simple wallpapered a masonite/hard board (it's the same material as pegboard but with no holes) purchased at Reno Depot for $8. Then added the trim which is the same trim used on the walls (approximately $15). We nailed (using finishing nails) the whole thing to the wall so that it's tight against the wall. 
2. The light switch cover:
The light switch cover was collected from a friend's renovation. It was goldish in color and I sprayed it black.
3. The soap dish:
I couldn't find a soap dish I felt would pop in the room- and they were wall so pricey! And then I thought of using these sushi dishes. I purchased them in Montreal's Chinatown for about $3 each.
4. Useful little cups:
There are the matching saki cups. I use them for q-tips and cotton pads.
5. The light fixture:
This is the best find yet! I rented a dumpster to empty out the shed- which was a hoarder's paradise. I looked through a box and found some of our home's original light fixtures. Again, it was gold and I sprayed it black. My husband and I love chandelier medallions. This one is so pretty and simple. 
6. The Kleenex box:
This was an original feature of the bathroom and we kept it. It was the only thing that made it back into the bathroom. Again, I sprayed it black.
7. The sconce:
From a friend's renovation. Also, sprayed black.  A black spray can is like a little black dress. Always have one on hand:)
 8. Towel storage basket:
This black leather basket holds the extra towels. It was purchase at Home Sense for $20.
9. The storage cabinet:
Purchased at Home Sense for $100. The drawers are actually clear but I didn't like that the mess was visible (visible in the next image). So I purchased some dressy paper, cut it to size and slipped it behind the glass. Much prettier.

10. The mirrors:
The mirrors are from a store called Zone located on St. Denis boul. in Montreal. They were pricey $150 each. But they make the room shine!

Also, many have asked about the wall color. It's called Silver Strand from Behr. The ceiling and trim is painted Little Dipper from Behr.

Check out a previous post about the larger bathroom items (sinks, tub, tile, etc.).

Please don't hesitate to comment and ask questions!



  1. Just saw your bathroom on Remodelaholic and as much as you rocked the retro pink bathroom holy moly you have made one hell of a transformation. Just sensational. I'm off for a stalk through your other renos now!

  2. Amazing transformation!! You have a new follower :)

  3. Your bathroom is stunning! You did an amazing job! ;)

    Thanks so much for your comments on our design challenge room! ;) They ARE shipping the director's chair to us!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy!


  4. Hi, I pinned this on Pinterest and featured here. Please feel free to grab the Feature button. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us at CBPH :)

  5. We're finishing up a master bath remodel we started a year ago. Our home was built in 1860 and the bathroom is very similar to yours...long and narrow. Im dying here because I want double pedestal sinks but hubby says he'd have to rip the bathroom all apart again to do those. Our pipes come up through the floor and pedestal sinks pipes come out of the wall.
    I love how yours look and it just further makes me want them. In a narrow space like this it breaks things up visually, making the room look larger. Great job!


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