Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's that I smell???

Yesterday my sister sent me a link about a new candle scent- New York Times Newsprint.
The article says "Your apartment's never smelled smarter."

My first reaction was to laugh but then I thought about my years in grad school sitting around and talking with fellow history geeks about our preference for the smell of old books vs the smell of new books. I mush prefer the old book smell- you can just smell the history!

So I searched for a candle with an old book scent. I didn't find one but I did find a candle with a new book scent

I then started thinking about the familiar smells of renovating. So for all you renovation addicts, how about the scent of saw dust in the air? A teen named Hart started a company making manly scented candles. The newest addition to the Man Can candle collection: dirt.

Also popular among the weird smelling candles is Fresh Cut Grass.
I remember that years ago The Gap had a perfume that smelled like freshly cut grass. A candle maybe, a perfume not so sure.

For the meat lovers out there, what about the smell of Sizzling Bacon?
The add says "All the wonderful smells with none of the calories!"

Candle companies are sure getting creative! Would you want your home to smell like newsprint or any of the other scents?


  1. These are hilarious. I had never heard of the New York Times Newsprint candle scent, but maybe that's just what I need to make guests think I'm smarter than I am. Ha.

    I'm also loving the New Book Scent. Brilliant! :)


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