Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Splash of Color!

The most common and basic component of decorating your home and making it your own is the paint on the walls. It's the easiest and most cost efficient way to update a room. Easiest-eh? Really? Well let me tell you a story. When Tony and I began painting our home we decided not to use a primer on the walls that had a light color tone- save a little bit of cash we thought. BIG MISTAKE!

You MUST check if the previous paint was an oil based paint. I've heard that if it is Latex (water-based paint) when you rub the wall with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol the color comes off. If not, you know it's oil and you MUST use an oil-based primer that will allow you to convert to a latex paint (Latex paint will stick to an oil primer but not to oil paint.) This is important because otherwise your paint will blister and peel right off the walls!
The paint started peeling off so I decided to write a message to my father who was helping us install crown molding. I literally just scratched it off with my nails.

We had to scrape all the paint off the walls. You can see that we had not yet scraped the paint on top of the doors but had completed the wall on the right side of the picture.

My suggestions for a great primer:
Cover-Stain by RustOleum, it smells strong but it dries very fast. It's thick and provides great stain coverage and paint adhesion. I've tried the odorless version but it's not a good as Cover-Stain.

Paint suggestion:
Behr paint and primer in one is FANTASTIC. If the previous paint was latex I strongly recommend this paint. It gives great coverage, dries fast and looks soooo great!!! It WILL cut your paint time in half- at least!
If you are wondering about the difference between oil and latex paint see the following link for more information:,,219538,00.html

Happy Painting!


  1. What a wonderful idea for a blog!! Love it!

  2. Oh the fun of oil paint!! I know all too well. You might enjoy my posts this week. I am posting our house remodel over the next few days. I just posted our before pictures this morning :)
    Can't wait to see what all you have done. I will be snooping around for a while! Happy Monday

  3. I've never used Behr but I'll have to give it a try!

  4. Oh goodness, what a mess! That was a hard lesson wasn't it?
    Thanks for coming by. Going to stay a while and read while I'm here!!


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