Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sarah Richardson painting on The Marilyn Denis Show (and in 3-inch pumps!)

Sarah Richardson was on The Marilyn Denis Show today providing tips on choosing paint colors and also some painting tips. Her design style incorporates incredible amounts of pattern and color and it always works! Here are some of her tips for achieving her designer look.

2 paint selecting tips by Sarah:

1. Start by picking a fabric you love and use the colors in the fabric as your wall colors. I've tried decorating by first picking a color I love and then trying to match fabrics (throw pillows, drapes, etc.) and it's been a huge challenge!
2. Think of how different rooms open on to each other. Example: if you use a fabric you love in your living room, pull colors from the fabric into other rooms that are visible from the living room. This will help create a unified theme.
See the clip here:

Here are some examples of Sarah's fantastic use of color and pattern:

Let's play a game: How many colors can you count in each of these images???? 

See it on Arren Williams Design Lab
Seen on Centsational Girl
 Answer: LOTS
2 how-to-paint tips by Sarah:

 1. Always paint the edges of the wall along the trim first.

2. Paint using long strides from top to bottom- not zig-zags all over the wall!

See the clip here:

In the clip above you'll see that Sarah shows how to paint an exact line along trim with a paint bush. This is great for those who have a steady hand or for those who have painting experience (as does Sarah who says she painted homes to put herself through university- and she can even paint in 3-inch pumps) but for the rest of us, I suggest using a paint edger such as the one below, just don't get paint on the little wheels.
Paint edgers are available at hardware stores and cost about $5.

Happy painting!

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