Monday, June 27, 2011

Outdoor living: Teak Furniture

It's a beautiful day in Montreal and I'm soaking up the sun. Actually, I'm soaking up the shade- it's too hot in the sun!

I'm resting on a beautiful bench with some comfy pillows.

I have the bench on one side of my front porch and on the other side I decide to buy two chairs instead of another bench just to change it up a little:
I've had the set for a year now and the chairs lightened in color. Next spring I'll stain the chairs darker to match the other pieces.

The furniture is Hudson Hill and I bought it at Home Sense in Place Versaille, Montreal. I had been looking for years for furniture for the front porch but couldn't decide on the look I wanted. Unless I'm totally in love, I tend to think long and hard before buying furniture. I also like to buy piece that I know will age well. I'm happy I waited because the minute I saw the bench, I told my husband it was coming home with us.

Price: Bench: $199
         Chairs: $99 each
         Tables: $30 each (approximately)

These are great prices. Check out the cost of the teak furniture below:

Skagerak Drachamnn 50" Bench  $1,139.99

The matching chair is $625

Kingsley-Bate Chippendale 4' Teak Bench $630 

The matching chair is $531

Considering the similarity between my pieces and the more expensive pieces, I'd say I lucked out.
Wouldn't you??

My set was purchased last summer but if you're interested I saw some similar benches at Home Sense last week.

Hope you're also enjoying beautiful weather!


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