Tuesday, June 28, 2011

African Inspired Fair Trade Design

I was at the Montreal Jazz Festival last night and the band called Blitz the Ambassador was playing- amazing! I love the mix of old time big band with hip hop. The singer talked about the situation (politically, economically, etc.) in his homeland, Ghana, and in other African countries, a situation I am very conscious of and always talk to my students about. This made me think about how we, as decorating addicts, can help. My suggestion is only a small step, but it's nevertheless a step in the right direction.

 Idea: buying fair trade goods for our home. I've loved African style goods for a while but never really looked into buying them. There is much more to African inspired decor than a safari theme.

Here are some images of African inspired desire:
Style at Home: After a vaction in South Africa these home owners decided to recreate the feel of their hotel room in their master bedroom. Organic textures, rich colours and exotic patterns evoke the feel of the South African veld in this romantic master bedroom suite.
Text and image from apartment therapy: Wood carving, batik dyeing, and weaving are old art forms found across Africa, and you'll still find some of the best handmade stools, tables, and fabrics in places like Cameroon, Mali, Congo, and Ivory Coast (just for starters). I LOVE these little seating options.

Here are some websites where you can find some great fair trade items:
Baskets of Africa
Sisal Bowl   4.5 - 5.5 Inches $23
On an entrance console to catch your keys as you enter the door.

Swahili Wholesale African Imports
Zebra Hoof Stools. 
In a kids room.

Ananse Village

These are a few examples of beautiful fair trade textiles available at Ananse Village. Lots of bold colors and patterns. Image via Lotus Haus blog. Many more fair trade items featured on Lotus Haus

Want to shop for fair trade items in Montreal? 
 Try the Dix Mille Villages stores at the following locations:

Happy fair trade shopping!

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